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« on: December 06, 2014, 11:02:11 PM »
Balloon Review 135 : Blue Angel PDF by Dennis Scott

Available from ... nis-scott/ priced $5

This PDF is "Hot off the classroom floor of the FPBA 2014" and is a two balloon airplane with an optional third clear balloon if you fancy a see-through cockpit. This is the first instructional release I have seen from Dennis Scott so let's see what we have here...

The PDF itself is full of colour photographs (more than is actually needed) so when accompanied by the text giving accurate bubble sizes you will not have any problems following along. The main difference for this design to lots of the others is it uses a combination of 260Q/160Q. The design itself is very fast to make, perfect for line work and this plane actually flies quite well when you throw it!

So if you do not have an existing plane design suitable for line work for a mere $5 this one will be perfectly fine.

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