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« on: January 04, 2015, 01:49:06 AM »
Balloon Review 142 - Funny Snowman by Justin Reams PDF

Available from priced $8

Olaf from Frozen is a very popular design and there have been many variations of this design posted on the internet and some tutorials for sale. This design by Justin Reams isn't really anything I haven't seen before. The face uses an inverted white geo and the rest of the body made with Q-links which makes the process of marriage twisting these balloons a little easier. I didn't have any q-links so used rounds instead which worked fine.

This model uses rubber cement or glue dots to secure the feet. As these feet are filled with water I am not sure how well the glue will hold with the added weight. The PDF instructions are easy to follow with lots of photos. If you are not familiar with marriage twisting then you may find it difficult to follow along.

The end result is good.

I would only buy this PDF if you didn't already have some sort of Olaf design in your collection.

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