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David de Bustos´s history
« on: January 13, 2009, 08:18:13 AM »
Well, I started about fifteen years ago. I started making magic until one day I went to a balloon twisting lecture in my local magic club. I learned a few easy figures and I started using them in my magic shows.
Some years later I bought some books and I continued learning all that arrived to my hands until I had internet at home. This changed my balloon life. I started seeing the works of the bests (David Grist, Royal Sorell, Ken Stillman...) and I saw that I had a lot to learn and more to enjoy with. So then, I started buying balloon videos and learning. Today I continue being really crazy about balloons and I love to work with balloons and continue learning and enjoying. I have been a part time professional until last december that I decided to make my hobbie to be my full work and I´M REALLY HAPPY.
Now What I want to achieve with balloons is to continue passing fun moments with them and make a lot of friends in forums and going to events.
I expect that my english had been good enough to be understood by everybody.
Best regards to all of you
David de Bustos
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