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Balloon Chit Chat / Re: BAG Membership 2018/19
« on: Today at 07:31:00 PM »
Keeping the membership up to date.

1, Kathryn Driffield
2, Caroline Porter
3, Amanda Smith
4, Julie Feist
5, Jay Sham
6, Helen Budinger DVD only member.
7, Hirsha Bhatt
8, Danny Schlesinger
9, Olivia Post
10, Paul Curwen
11, Dave Hickory
12, David Ellis
13, David Crofts
14, Melanie Allen
15, Steve Benton
16, Nicky Bray
17, Kirsty Blades
18, Ine Dries
19, Sammy Sankey
20, Donnie MacNeil
21, John Slack DVD only member.
22, Sonia Barton
23, Vicki Ward Hibbins
24, Silent Al
25, Amy Jones
26, Ruby Kausar
27, Dan Catt
28, Susie Hillman
29, Steven De Maesschalck
30, Leonie Dack
31, Tracy French
32, Clare Benjamin
33, Danielle Burnige
34, Joanne Anderson

And the winner was Jack with his swing.

Paul did a competition for the best foot and Dan was the winner.

And the winners of the staggering amazing prizes were,
Three people joint third, Steve Ine and Dave.

More feet.

Name those feet, he he.

Picture Gallery / Pikachu
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:48:19 PM »
I made this today from Patrick's workshop last week.
His ears might be a but too long.

Slightly wonky artwork but hey ho..............

All different shapes and sizes.

We then went onto making feet.

Not sure who made the sausage dog but it looks like the one Tobi Twist
added to YouTube. Kathryn made the Elsa costume.

More from the competition.

I was surprised with how low some scooped when making the competition pieces  ;)

It was interesting to see the many ideas with movement in the design.

There were a few more entries but I did not get great pictures as many
were moving about.............see the theme was "Movement"

The start of the competition, "movement" was the theme.

Designs were being made all over.

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