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BAG Membership 2019/20
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:54:18 PM »
Its coming up for the new calendar year for the Balloon Artistes Guild care & share balloon days.
This is a UK based balloon club that meets at least 10 times a year with 6 star lecture days.
Three of the star lecture days are filmed for club members. The year starts in April and we
have an early bird joining fee available for all of March. Any questions then please ask,
I will post a list of those who have run workshops for us in the comments below.
All are welcome to join or just come along for the odd day now and again.

Ed Chee,
Patrick Van de Ven, (2)
David J. Brenion,
Dennis Hogers,
Daz Cooper (2)
Gabrielle Hodge
Patricia Bunnelll,
Buster Balloon
Ralph Dewey,
Ken Stillman,
Dan Catt,
Shirley Ray, (2)
Colin Myles, (2)
Antonio Bécares Rodríguez,
Brian Asman,
Rhian Beynon,
Daniel Ravia,
Robbie Furman,
The Macaroni Girls,
David Crofts, (3)
Thelma Levett, (3)
Pip Milford-Hughes,
Sue Bowler, (2)
Sabina Kellner
Twistina (2)
Pieter van Engen.
Victor Forja
Michael Abrahamson
Pam & Paul Pearce
Simon Jong
Doctor Bob Armstrong
Matt Falloon
Sam Cremeens
Paul Brown
Sabina Kellner (2)
Wallie de Groote
Albert Nava.
Mark Byrne.
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