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Here's my story
« on: May 31, 2010, 06:32:58 PM »
Where to start.
I’m not a balloon twister by trade; it is a hobby for me. I have been twisting for just over two year and love it.
Here's how I started.
Many years ago I learned how to ride a unicycle, at that time a also pick up a balloon kit and learned a few simple animals, (wanting to be a clown)
This was before the internet was going, so got bored with the models I could make and stopped.
Then got married and forgot all about it, one day walking around the dollar store with my kids I saw the balloons.
I bought some balloons the kids loved it!
 A friend who is a clown, was doing a school fund raiser found out that I knew a few animals, she taught me a few more and got me to help her. I got hooked and with the internet I found a lot of different models to make. Seeing the kid’s faces, and how happy they were made me happy. I also found balloon twisting was a great stress relief.
One Halloween I dress up as a clown and made balloons for everyone, I won best costume.
 I would drop off balloons at my wife's work, her boss like them so I kept making balloons for them at different times through out the year. A customer saw them and asked my wife if I would do a adult Christmas party. She needed someone to walk from table to table making balloons before dinner. Well I did, I was very nervous and pop a lot of balloons at the start.(about 150 people)
I was trying to make big things and it was not working, when I made a few small fast things I start to become more relaxed and had fun with it.

I did my kids birthday parties, and balloons for them to take to other kid birthday parties.
Next  a few friends wanted me to do there kids parties, some for free, some paid. They have all been fun.
I have also been making balloon sculptures for different work events. (which is getting a lot of people asking about parties)
Maybe one day I will get into twisting more seriously, or maybe I'll just keep doing it for the fun of it.
So thanks for putting up with me, this is a great web site I have learned a lot.

Twisty (Andy) :D

PS: here is a picture of my costume.
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