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How I started twisting
« on: December 12, 2013, 11:25:16 PM »
I was a tattoo artist at the time and my mum (who was a bouncy castle hirer in another town) rang me me asking could I put my arty skills to face painting... Pft no thanks mum painting a load of snotty nose kids count me out, thanks but no thanks. £250 (uk) for 3 hours work you say mum when where and do I need my own paints? From their a friend of mine bought a peppa pig costume and asked could we put the two together and make a little party package it was then I got a bouncy castle and a bag of balloons I sat in front of you tube watching Michael Floyd and Cody Williams like they where the gods of twisting it became an obsession I'd be up till all hours learning new twists and shapes. I now can't get enough of twisting and still love challenging my self and learning, also teaching my two boys (3-7) to twist so they can take over the family business.
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