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How it all began
« on: August 09, 2010, 07:52:56 AM »
The scary thing is that I can't remember and I've only been doing it about 6 months. (or so I thought)

It was my daughter's 3rd birthday last week and she has a number of friends born in the same month. I had some balloons to twist for her birthday if necessary as we had an entertainer coming anyway. Turns out that having the balloons to get the party started was a god send. I quickly taught my brother how to make swords so we could both do that and I made flowers as well.

From that party, one of the parents asked my wife if I could do it at their party (my daughter was already invited and we were going anyway). She said yes on my behalf and said that I wouldn't want any money for it. She was right as I wouldn't want the pressure without a little more experience first.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I actually made a balloon flower for one of my daughter's friends last year so that must have been a year ago and not 6 months like I thought!

I still have no definite idea of what made me start but I think it may well have been youtube while I was looking for magic tutorials.

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