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How it all began
« on: November 22, 2012, 06:31:18 AM »
It all began on at a local ice cream shop 10th birthday.

There was a lady twisting balloons... And being a cool 11 year old boy i didnt think much of it. Skip forward a massive 5 months and all of a sudden i am interested in card tricks, i show my friends and family and it is a lot of fun.  
5 months later i start thinking i could do something with my obsessio- i mean hobby.
I decide i am going to be a childrens magician at birthday parties. I think back to the day at the ice cream shop and i think i could add balloons to my show.
And another 5 months later (now) i have taken the normal (common) path of balloon making

Dollar store balloons-->one balloon animals--->youtube--->discovery of qualetex--->2 balloon animals--->more youtube--->3 balloons animals--->dvds--->more youtube :)
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