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How Kahuna Balloona got started
« on: January 21, 2012, 01:21:55 AM »
I got started as a kid by being mesmerized watching BOZO the Clown here in the United States when I was a kid.  I would always try and make a simple 3 twist dog.  Then as I got older I never forgot about this obession.  Then one day I was walking through a local event and saw a person making balloon animals. So I bought a bag of assorted 260s  and a hand pump and went from there.  Then I started using it as a team building tool for my sales staff.  Now twenty years later I am pretty sure that my DNA has traces of latex in it. I work with balloons full time and I am always looking at ways to change the creations I make. My biggest frustration is not having the time to play around and make new designs or brush up on ones that I have not made in a while.  I have been popping in here for several years now..I wish I could do it with greater frequency
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