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ImNotaClown dot com - a brief history
« on: December 16, 2008, 02:07:35 AM »
I started backwards in this whole industry.
 - I had my first gig before I owned a single balloon
 - I had a website before I was even open for business
My daughter's preschool has a 'family fun fair' every year. It's a fund raiser that's open to everyone ... which usually ends up being the 6 surounding towns. Every year they have a clown who makes balloons.

My wife came home from a preschool meeting a year and a half ago in May and said, "The clown cancelled so I volunteered you to make balloons." I responded, "I don't know how to make balloons." Compasionately she replied, "can't you learn, you have a month."

I agreed, but insisted that I wasn't going to dress up as a clown. "what about a red nose?" "No, I'm not a clown."

I ordered a bag of balloons from Tmeyers and a handpump and got busy learning balloons.

It didn't dawn on me to have a menu. In hindsight, it seems like an obvious idea, but I wasn't 'in the business' at that point so it seemed like I had to know whatever the kids asked me for.

They day came and went and everybody had fun. Mom's kept asking me if I did birthday parties and I said "No, this isn't what I do."

One woman wouldn't leave me alone - for weeks she insisted that I do balloons at her son's birthday party. I kept insisting I don't do balloons. My wife said, "Well at least put a website together." (I'm a hobbist website developer). So I put a website together - just as a place to put pictures of the balloons I was practicing.

I ended up doing Michael's birthday (He's the kid who loves fans - I made a working balloon fan for his birthday party). I also started getting work through my website.

I finally resigned myself to the fact that I am indeed 'a balloon guy' and have really enjoyed learning everything I can over the last year and a half.

I was lucky enough to fall into a good - great - crowd. I became friends with Bonnie, Thelma, Patrick, Mishel and others. They have all been invaluable as I've been developing my skills. I wouldn't be half the twister I am if it weren't for their influences.

I am hoping to learn and contribute to balloonchat as much as possible. I am always up for a challenge and look forward to getting to know everybody here.
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