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In the beginning....
« on: August 28, 2010, 07:13:55 AM »
There was latex...

But not for me.  I was a magician and clown, but not as my primary employment.  Years ago, I was employed at a theater and we were having some sort of promotion.  I can't remember for what but it was animal themed and one way or another I drew straws to provide some sort of lobby entertainment.  I'd lost much interest in magic and clowning by then and as an art student in college, didn't have time for it.  So, as an alternative, I went out and bought a balloon kit - pump, balloons, book.  I had no idea there were higher grades of balloons (qualatex, bellatex, etc) or that anything more than the simple "balloon animals" in the book was possible.  I even remember being impressed by some of the instructions that called for a whopping 2 balloons in the beginners book - how grand!!

From there it was just curiosity and the internet that lead me to more advanced sculptures and as I learn more of the art I find myself in the realization that I have a long way to go to be satisfied with the level of my balloon work and by extension, I'm impressed almost daily by the level or creativity and talent that so many balloon artists around the world display.  With time and twisting, I hope to at least come close to some of the works I've seen.  This hobby/profession/art form certainly can become an addiction.  I find myself with a never empty internet shopping cart of DvDs and instructions.

With that -  Howdy from the states...
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Re: In the beginning....
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Welcome to our world!
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