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Joan Foo Keow
« on: February 27, 2012, 06:38:23 AM »
:I have joined balloonchat quite sometime back but just do not know to to step in.
I have just randomly trespassed so forgive me.
I like to introduce myself.
My name is joan foo from Singapore.
I am a grandmother of five and weekdays I watched over them as and when they need me and weekends I busk regularly at Vivo City or Great World city Malls.
I have three other friends and we rostered fourselves nicely.
at vIvo we pay 3o dollars plus 20 percent of our total takings and at GWC we pay $100+ $30 fire insurance per day.
There are good days and bad days. Good days we reap about total $800-$900
Slow time asbout $300+.

We make good contacts for birthday parties and roadshows  usually $200/hr
Somtime we do some charities for BAW or schools or church, Japan Earthquake Fund
I am a retired nurse and I started doing balloons first on own trial and error in 2004 thereabout . In the hopsital I tried making simple ones like dog , flowers and bears for a start and manage to raise small funds for the department in the hospital drive for charity.

My first teacher is Charlie Teo who charged me $50 to learn the spiderman.
Also old man Mr Choo who is a magician who I bought the balloon supplies from, he sold me some books
Dewey's Rubber Rascals copyright 1984 by Ralph Dewey.
Balloon Animals by Aaron Hsu-Flanders.
Also old Mr Sim who is ill now passed me some old magazines True Inflations from T. Myers
Mr Sim teach me the classic one balloon sculpture like using the clear 260 to make snooppy on the bicycle.

I attended a few balloon workshops and met a few friends. One of them asked me to be her regular backup at the Cafe at Carlton Hotel and another lady at Poulenner Bruhaus asked me to mind the children's corner during lunch time and I also do some of her birthday parties.

In 2006  walked passed Vivo City and was at the PATH  ( Pop And Talent Hub)Market and gave them a hand to make some balloons for Touch Community a christian church.
In another week's time the PATH Catalyst called me if I am interested to run a stall there as the boy has left for further studies so I said yes .
This is the starting point for me for regular twisting

So far things are going well.
Our group has chemistry and we help each other to progress, like share and learn.

I would like to post in some pictures but I will will have to search and find my way.
Right now i have to go and fetch my grandaughter from school

joan foo
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Re: Joan Foo Keow
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2012, 05:27:09 PM »
Welcome to the forum Joan, thanks for the little intro on how you make a few pennies and twist.
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