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Milo’s Story.
« on: August 25, 2010, 11:51:32 AM »
My story began three years ago when I watched a TV documentary called Clowns, the program followed the lives of a few children’s entertainers and I just remember seeing a middle aged man who clearly hated children standing outside of a London pub smoking a fag and drinking a pint in his clown outfit!!! I remember thinking I could do it much better (entertaining not drinking and smoking)! I had always worked in insurance and I hated my job with a passion, so with the support of my wife I decided to try entertaining children.

Year 1.

I had a clown outfit made, ordered some big shoes, noses and accessories and Milo the Clown was born… in the early days I had no entertaining skills, just the willingness to laugh at myself and keep smiling. It soon became apparent that playing traditional games and dressing up was not enough, so I visited Graham at his home and he taught me to make some basic animals and swords etc.

My second encounter with Graham was at a care and share day where I met a couple of magicians who live close to me and they showed me a few magic basics like the die box and stratosphere etc.

Next came the mobile disco and light show and my two hour party package was born…

Year 2.

My second year was a big gamble! I opened a family bar and party venue, which took up all of my time and money. Unfortunately my landlord trebled my rent and I had to close after about 9 months! But, it helped to establish me and Milo became a household name. I put together a corporate pack with copies of insurance, CRBs, PAT certificates and a bit of background information and hit all of my local businesses, council, children’s centres and schools with bunches of balloon flowers for the receptionists to make sure the pack didn’t sit in any post trays.

Year 3.

Now the bar’s gone so I have no real overheads. I do about 8 bookings a week with four residencies at children’s play centres and I do loads of work with children’s centres and the council etc. Balloons have played a huge part in my success, but I still don’t consider myself to be gifted at twisting as almost all the designs I use are found on Google, youtube and, of course, right here on this forum.

Plans for Year 4.

This year I am planning on launching “AirHeadz by Milo” which is a range of 6ft character greeters for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. I have to give credit to Huff & Puff for the inspiration as I love their design and there’s a couple of other designs I’ve found on the internet that I want to incorporate too. I’m also launching “Super Milo Kart” which will be great kart building and racing parties using the Berg Moov kits. I’m upping my game with the mobile disco by getting projector screens and up lighters and story time with Milo will be coming early 2011 (once I’m better with the guitar).

I now work half the time I used to for double the money and I truly love my work. My son gets to come with me and I can fit work around my family life rather than trying to squeeze family in around work. Anyone reading this who’s thinking about taking up a career as an entertainer should defiantly book themselves a session with Graham and go along to some care & share days.
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Re: Milo’s Story.
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That was an interesting read, thanks for the info and plug  :D
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