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Popsie the Balloon Guy
« on: February 19, 2009, 06:32:13 PM »
I first got interested in balloon twisting several years ago when I was waiting for my wife shopping in Peacock Street, Windsor! I was waiting outside the shops with my daughter (typical bloke - can't stand shopping) and we we're watching a twister who was dressed as a wizard and never spoke but mimed (does anyone know who this guy is?). I was amazed at how the crowd all stood round and discussed between themselves what was it that the twister was gonna make next. Then the gasp and applause when he finished and made something nobody expected. At this point, I thought it looked cool and the amount of cash he was making looked even cooler!

But I always thought I could never do that!

Until July last year. My sister bought an old pack of balloons for my daughter's birthday party. I read the instructions and managed to make a few shapes out of those balloons that didn't pop. So I thought that was fun, so I got some more balloons from ebay, some tutorials from YouTube and then found this great forum.

In this short amount of time, I have met a few of you guys at Graham's great care and share day in Brum (I even did a shopping centre gig with him in High Wycombe!). I work full time at Heathrow Airport and only twist at the weekend, but it is something I enjoy and got so much to learn, but the best bit is always the smiles when you hand somebody a balloon! - Now that's magic!
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