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Stretch the Balloon Dude Origins
« on: January 18, 2012, 04:11:55 AM »
Stretch the Balloon Dude started out as Stretch the Clown back in 1989. My wife and I were working in a Children's Church and we decided to use a circus theme. It was unanimously decided that I should be a clown and I figured that as a clown I should learn to make balloon animals. I went to a local book store and bought the book "Balloon Animals" by Aaron Hsu Flanders and learned the basic animals in the book.

Not long after that I was in a party store buying balloons (and paying full retail because there weren't many options at that time) and the owner asked if I had considered doing clowning professionally. I told her no and she suggested that I give it a try. I made some business cards and started handing them out with some flyers I made. I went and talked to a local restaurant and got them to hire me as a clown for their weekly kids' night and soon realized how much fun this was.

I clowned for 9 years and then started having a reaction to the baby powder used to set the grease paint. My doctor explained how talc is a mineral that settles in the lungs and your body can't absorb, expel or otherwise get rid of it and suggest that I would have to either give up the make up or give up breathing. That was a pretty easy decision and I decided to continue performing as just a balloon guy and not a clown. Thus was born Stretch the Balloon Dude.

Since then I've been blessed to teach at multiple conventions and seminars across the United States and have expanded my friend to include balloon artists from all over the globe. What a job, I get paid to make people smile while playing with balloons.
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Re: Stretch the Balloon Dude Origins
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Hi Stretch, welcome to the forum. Hope to see you in a few weeks at Twist & Shout maybe?
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