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Australian twisters
« on: November 28, 2012, 07:25:17 AM »
I finally found a good place to buy balloons in australia

I would reccomend buying balloons from jay jay the balloon guy:

I have 5 reasons for this shop:

1.the shipping is pretty cheap, it only costs $11 to ship any number of balloonsfrom sydney at his home to me in queensland
2. His prices are better than any non wholesale place in australia. At $11 for any bag of 260Q, the only shops in australia that are cheaper are wholesale qualtex warehouses.
3. He offer a wide range of balloons (160, 260, 360B, geos, hearts, rounds, prints, 321s tipped, 321's non tipped)
4. The shipping is fast (ship same day as order) and the slowest he has ever repsonded to a email of mine is 5 hours! Great customer service

5. the number 1 reason why he is better than any other balloon distributoe is beacuse He offers custom 5" rounds assortments. You choose any number and any type of imprint and he'll make up an assortment just for you. (For example 50 aliens, 20 monster eyes, 15 zombies, 10 smiley faces and 5 spider eyes) this is amazing.

And I was talking to him today and he has decided to also offer custom 260Q assortments... Now that is amazing.
He will count out the exact number of balloons you want ad long as it total to a multiple of 100. (50 red, 70 mocha, 30 black, 20 pink, 15 purple, 15 green)
This is amazing for restocking stock... He offers this at no extra cost... Still $11 for 100

The price may be a lot higher than balloon merchant or larocks, but for austrlia it is great.

*he also offers 5% off orders over $500 and 10% off orders over $1000... Which I find quite pointless, but it might help someone.

I also posted this on the magic cafe, its not a scam or anything (and im not jay jay the balloon guy... He lives in sydney) i was just sharing the knowledge i recently found out
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Re: Austrlain twisters
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 11:31:17 AM »
That is good to hear and always nice to plug someone that goes the extra to help out.
Glad you found somewhere.
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