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Balloon display - price suggestions...
« on: July 28, 2009, 04:50:27 PM »
I was contacted by a company asking to create a Halloween oriented display. you know, witches on broomsticks, cauldrons, spiders, etc, etc. Something like that was done during the  Balloon Manor 2008 (photos at Balloon Magic magazine #57).

Probably it would take 3x3 meters of space and God knows how much balloons.

anyone has a suggestion on how  much would be appropriate to charge for it, as to make good money but also do not overprise the "buyer". also any suggestions on how to make the balloons last a little bit longer, as it would be the Qualatex 160,260,360 etc? I tried to call Pioneer for suggestion but it was rather useless...

anyone in cyberspace?

well one basic reason for me to ask for the pricing is simlpe: I don't want to destroy the market by giving too small price.... if you get my drift....
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