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Quote from: "Graham Lee"
Patty, some more questions for you :)

12, What kind of work do you do mostly - parties? Corporate? Etc

12)  I prefer to do Corporate work, where there’s lots of people and  
lots of kids wanting what I have to offer.  I’m not so good at a small  
birthday party where I have to fill an hour and there are only 6  
kids.  I know what I’m good at and I know what I like to do, so I know  
enough to say no thank you to those parties where I’m less than  
confident about my “performance” or lack thereof.  I’m more than happy  
to let other do those sorts of jobs and I admire those who can fill an  
hour for only 6 kids, but that’ll never be me and my style

13, What is your favourite/ideal gig to do?

13)  My ideal gig...A 3 or 4 hour gig where I arrive 15 minutes early,  
set-up my area with no one around bugging me to start early.  A line  
of 5 - 10 kids at any given time (more stresses me out and less leads  
to boredom).  The kids leave on time  and so do I.

14, What irritates you most at a gig?

14)  Parents usually are the source of most of my irritation at a  
gig.  When they are dictating to a child what he or she should get,  
when they start fights because their child was first, or when they  
have a nasty attitude when its time for me to leave and they waited  
until is was too late to get something.  I find that the parents feel  
their kids are so special that they are entitled to whatever I am  
offering.  And many times they don’t appreciate that I have already  
been at this event for hours without a break.

15, How do you book yourself?

15)  For Performances, I get booked mostly through Royal’s company  
Royal Events & Entertainment.  For Decor, I book my own events which I  
get through lots of word of mouth and my website  

16, What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever made?

16)  The Biggest thing I’ve ever made has always been as part of a  
large team,  I have been part of:
The Guiness Record attempt Belgian Soccer Sculpture
Larry Moss’s Flying Octopus in Sodus NY
All of Larry Moss’s Balloon Manors
2007 Balloon Town USA with Steve Jones

17, What has been your proudest achievement in our wonderful world of twisted latex?

17)  My proudest achievement is creating the Twist & Shout Balloon  
Convention.  I am really proud of how the convention has grown  
throughout the years as well as the many Balloon Artists who come from  
around the globe to improve themselves and their art form.

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