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Simons web site
« Reply #15 on: July 11, 2008, 02:09:45 AM »

I see many good points already made. The most important for converting strangers into bookings would be the photos. These look like he's never worked. SOME action shots (however poor quality) with important content are a necessity.

I agree about the email address. Using Outlook Express is far easier to manage than Hotmail. I'd spend 30 minuets teaching him for the benefits. A Hotmail address suggests someone who may go out of business. I'd recommend a Googlemail account over that.

I do have a problem with the 'person' the copy is written in. For a service such as an emtertainer it's much warmer if the site owner speaks directly to one visitor. It helps build rapport and build credibility and trust.

The 'Home Page' is written that way but then says "Phone Simon on .... " Who is saying that?
The 'Children's Parties Page' starts with two paras OK then says:
"Simon's magic is so amazing that even teenagers are impressed. So I even perform a unique show for this age group." Who says the frist bit? Then it reverts!

The 'Close-up magic' says:
"Simon performs an amazing variety of stunning magic before your very eyes. Creating illusions with cards, coins, ropes, rings etc. to amusingly mystify all your guests.
Strolling magic, mix and mingle or moving from table to table Simon brings fun and astonishment  creating memorable moments.
Simon's unique routines are refreshingly original to stimulate discussion  wherever he goes".

There's that narrator again!

The final 'Fun Family Events' (which I presume are for Fun Families(!) is OK (from that POV).


I personally dislike the visitor counter on the Home Page. What's it for?
As I looked around it went up and up so has nothing to do with Unique Visitors ... it's a false count anyway. And IF a visitor thinks the number low .. it'll go against him. I'd get rid of it.


I think the photo with the colored squares on /page2 (I agree with the comment about these page titles!) is far too close to the copy and needs some padding.


For Search Engine Optimisation I would also change the Title Tags. There's no need to repeat the URL each time, and you can (and should) use this fro more keywords to do with that page topic. It's this that will be displayed in Blue on the top of the SE Results and key to getting clicks.

So too is the copy in the Description Tag which some SEs use for the Results listing. Other's extract from the site content, so the first paragraph is vital too.


What appears to be a HUGE ommission is any mention of where he is and works!

I realise that locals would recognise the phone number code, but that doesn't help Google, Yahoo! or MSN. People may put in "Party Magician" or "Children's Party Entertainment" but I suspect this site wouldn't show at all (as it doesn't have either content or optimization for that) but at least it should show reasonably high for a more specific search ie "Childrens Entertainment Bath". But it won't unless the terms he wants to be found for are placed in all the key areas of the site!


Finally (although there is lots more) ... the photos.
Apart from the content ... the picture file name and Image Tags have not been used to any advantage or at all. The SEs cannot see images.... and reads the above to know what they are and if it supports the theme of the site. These get Nil Points. A photo called PIC1A means nothing. They should be renamed using the KeyWords you choose to optimize for. So something like SomonsMagicSquareFun.jpeg or TheRingsOfMystery.gif or PartyFavouriteMagicTrick.jpeg. Similarly, you haven't used the Images Tags at all and these can be even longer and an opportinuty to get some content in that is relevant to the page topic.


All for now ..... good luck developing the site ....

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Re: Simons web site
« Reply #16 on: July 14, 2008, 09:11:22 AM »
LOL, thank you John, some very good point's made when he gets some action photos and more testimonials done I will sort out changes. The one I kick myself over most is where he entertains that should of been obvious... still hopefully this will help others as well to develop their sites.
Thank you. I will keep you informed.
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